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Ways to Add Security to your Dedicated Server

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Security has been always an important point of concern when dealing with digital data. With the advancement in technology, there is a hike in number of attackers and hackers all over. Be it small scale website or a big enterprise, security cannot be taken casual. One owning a dedicated server is far way better safeguarded in contrast to other prevailing hosting. But as pointed out threats and risks too are increasing day by day, hence there must be appropriate and effective measures taken to add security to your dedicated server.


security for dedicated server

Follow these 6 security parameters for foolproof security

  1. Timely Updates

Follow and implement security updates and patches at regular intervals. Perform few manual updates every week instead of solely depending upon the software ping. This being a preventive measure to avoid any malicious attacks and simultaneously making your server highly updated.

  1. Go for Trusted Networks

Be extremely cautious when logging to your hosting account. Always prefer a trusted network since you are providing your essential credentials that can be hacked. Moreover do not attempt to sign in to your account via public or any unsecured wireless network.

secure and trusted Networks

  1. Avail DDoS Security

DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks are rampantly prevailing in the network. Once your server falls a victim to their attack, it can bring down the server by the means of illegitimate traffic flooding. It’s highly recommended that one must go in for DDoS protection for ones dedicated server to keep such attack at bay. By implementing this security measure, an additional protective layer is provided that filters out and allow only authenticated users from the traffic while blocking the rest others. In addition protection can be availed for different size of attacks by adding the DDoS security.

  1. Regular Backups

Don’t keep this as the last option. Even if you implement all possible security measures, there remain unseen and unknown vulnerabilities which can infect or attack your system in various possible ways. Perform timely and regular backups (once or twice a week), even daily for extremely sensitive data, to have your content intact and restored in case of any failure encountered. Also, put your backup in multiple locations and preferably on site as well as off site.

Add Security to your Dedicated Server

  1. Managed Server as an Alternative

Managing security can be all together a different task which is unavoidable and seeks your timely attention. If you find dealing with security measures all by yourself is engulfing enough then preferably you can opt out for a managed server as an alternative. The benefit being that you are provided with your very own administrator who is responsible for handling and managing all the security related parameters like regular installation of updates, taking backups, protection against any vulnerable attacks and much more. As a result you can be relaxed from the security point of view and attend tasks that require your immediate attention.

By following these essential dedicated server security factors, you can make a start to prevent yourself from becoming yet another victim of a security breach. To gain more clearance and guidance reach out to the skilled and experienced expertise at SeekaHost that has complete mastery over security management.

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