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What is a static and dynamic IP address? Which one you are using?

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What is an IP addresses?

Every device on the network is being assigned a unique IP address which is referred to as the IP or Internet Protocol address. This address is essential in uniquely identifying a device and to carry out the communication process.

Since the IP addresses are difficult to remember, users connect to other device or servers using the domain name which is maintained by the DNS (domain name system). DNS basically maps domain names to IP addresses. On entering a website’s URL, the browser searched and fetches the corresponding domain name in the DNS. Resultant, DNS returns the respective IP address that is mapped to the concerned domain name.

Among different type of IP addresses available, 2 major ones are:

  • Static IP address – one which does not change
  • Dynamic IP address – one which changes over time

Static IP address remain fixed when assigned to a device. Usually users don’t need static IPs. Static IP address are required when users need to exclusively connect to your device. Consider it as a lane which brings traffic strictly to your house without any external interference. Similarly owning a static IP, filters and bring only that traffic which is directing towards your website. As a result your website loads faster. Virtual private networks utilize static IPs for remote accessing.

On the other hand the dynamic IP addresses keeps on changing with time and are assigned by the network. Companies or web serves driving intense traffic makes use of dynamic IP address. Depending upon the server’s requirement like balancing load or intense processing, the dynamic IP address can keep on changing. It’s like providing multiple lanes for the computers to contact the server so that maximum traffic can be handled.

What’s your IP address?

Both static and dynamic IPs are being incorporated depending upon the benefits you want to avail. For checking out which IP address you are working with, determine it using your DNS zone file. If the file displays ‘A’ referring to a visible IP address then it refers to a static IP address. In case ‘A’ is displayed with some text like ‘forwarding’ or some other template name then mostly you are using a dynamic IP address.

Various hosting providers and dedicated servers make use of static IP. In contrast website builders and domain forwarding utilizes dynamic IP for managing the load.

Obtaining dynamic IP address

For configuring dynamic DNS, you can go to the advanced setting of your network. On changing your IP address, there is an automatic updating n the DNS entry too. Though the IP address changes but the users access the same domain name only

Obtaining static IP address

For assigning static IP address to your device in the local network, go to the advances settings. The IP address remains fixed even if the device gets disconnected. The IP address is lost only if the device is removed from the network or reservation is forcefully cancelled.

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